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A Child without Education is like a Bird Without Wings. So, We are here to give those wings to every child!

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Gyantantra Digital Dost

Gyantantra Digital Dost is an educational software that is designed and developed by the Expert Developers team of Literacy India to empower the children with the Information and Communication Technology. The objective of this best Educational Software Applications by Literacy India is offering a virtual experience to the students so that they can learn with fun. This well developed software is designed to make the learning experience engaging and fun for students. Having fun while learning is the best way to help the students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable.

Gyantantra Digital Dost is a very great option to teach students who think that the School is boring or irrelevant to them. This Gyantantra educational software will turn into the Digital Dost of the students to offer them a fun learning experience. By combining practical, intellectual, and social skills, GDD positively mainstreams the students into academics.