Gyantantra Digital Dost

The information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital learning plays a very important role in the education field. ICT has revolutionized the education pedagogy and has improved the learning outcomes of children across the world.
GDD is a computer based interactive educational software, designed by Literacy India for collaborative, joyful, self- empowered learning. Its core benefit is that it allows children from poor backgrounds as well as those going to government schools, to reach to their age appropriate level of learning in a very fast and effective way.
GDD has a structured curriculum from class 1-5 and aims at strengthening the foundation of elementary education of primary and middle school children in Hindi, English, Maths and General Studies. It increases the assimilation of the knowledge and accelerates the learning process amongst the students. GDD has been successful in removing the perils existing in the current elementary education system by providing technological support to classroom teaching and covering the much-needed gaps and supporting our public education system.

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