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01 July 2021
Ascending order
The facilitator shared that the students were facing some issues in arranging the numbers in an order. So, an activity was conducted on this topic.

The students were asked to write their dates of birth on the board. After writing down all the dates of birth on the board all the students were organized in a line as per their DOBs (written on board). Then, the beneficiaries whose DOB was the smaller number went to the board and wrote down his DOB on a chart paper. Similarly, all the students went to write their DOB on chart papers. They maintained the sequence; whose DOB was the smallest number would go first and the largest number would go last. After they completed writing the numbers on chart paper, they were asked to form a new line in ascending order i.e. the student with a smaller number would stand at first and the student with the greater number would stand behind him and the greatest one would be at last. They got the idea that in case of ascending number we put the smaller number first and the larger one after that. They were told to form a line as per the DOBs by themselves. It was to check if the aim of the activity was achieved or not. When the students formed the line in the correct order by themselves, the activity was successfull.

30 November 2019
Parts of Body
It, sometime, becomes complicated to remember different body parts name. So, to make it easier for the students, an activity was conducted on this topic. Main aim of this activity was to introduce all body parts name to the students and help them to remember it easily. The students could identify the body parts name easily but in Hindi, not in English. So, the activity was conducted in English.

The students prepared the chart with the outline of human body and names of different body parts were written on chart paper that were cut and mixed together. To make it interesting for the students, they were divided into two groups. One from each group was randomly selected, one after another and they pasted the correct body parts name to the correct place on the chart. For each right answer the team earned 1 mark. This helped the students to remember the body parts name and to work together in a group. Though the students took part individually, they were given the opportunity to discuss the correct answer within their groups. By this activity, the grasping power of the students was also tested. Overall, the activity was successful.


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