The Initiative by Literacy India During the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted each and every sector. So, no matter if it is a business sector, corporate sector, or the educational sector as the impact of this pandemic can be clearly observed around the Globe. The rapid spread of the pandemic enforced the world wide lockdown. In this situation, the students stopped going to schools, colleges as all educational activities halted in India as well.

At first, no one has any idea to tackle this tough situation while maintaining the delivery of education to the students. Then, the idea of virtual education came into force and educational institutes started giving virtual classes to the students. In online classes, the students and teachers need to have the access to technology and a strong internet connection. But giving online classes to the students of Literacy India was really very tough as the students hailing from underprivileged sections of India and they don't have the access to technology and the internet.

This is when the Team of Literacy India decided to make an initiative to work at the ground level to bring a significant change. Literacy India arranged mobile phones, speakers, and all the study material for the kids with association with Dell to fulfill the minimum requirement for online classes. After this, we decided to hire new teachers who have the potential to efficiently deliver online classes to the students. Our teachers always stay active to help the students to cope up with their studies. We call the students to know their comfortable timing when they can come online and what is the comfortable timing for them to take online classes. We are trying our best to make sure that none of the underprivileged children who reside in slums and rural areas suffer due to this crisis.

Our teachers are really very well experienced to create Interactive and Engaging ways to develop the interest of students in online classes. To build up their interest in online classes, we have arranged quiz sessions, audio visual classes through cartoon videos, and many more such creative educational content for the students that keep them excited to study more and more.

In this pandemic, Literacy India is trying its best to make delivery of education to the students who reside in slums and rural areas and in the future also, this organization will try its very best for sure. Currently, the motto of Literacy India is to make sure that the education of the children is not hindered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.